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About This Site
This website is an unofficial summary of certain provisions contained within the City of Atlanta Police Officers Pension Plan as incorporated in the City of Atlanta Code of Ordinances. This website does not modify nor affect the City Ordinances and in case of any discrepancies between this website and the City’s Ordinances, the City Ordinances shall govern.

If you have any questions about this website, please contact the Pension Office.

Important Notice
As a participant, retiree or beneficiary, you will find information on this website that explains the benefits and eligibility rules of the City Of Atlanta Police Officers Pension Plan. However, not all the information on this website may apply to you as it depends on your individual situation.

In the event of any conflict between the information contained on this website and the Summary Plan Description, the City Ordinances will govern. In addition, neither you nor any beneficiary shall earn any rights because of any statements in, or omission from, the Summary Plan Description. The City Ordinances cannot be modified or amended in any way by any statement or promise made by any person, including employees of the Zenith-American Solutions Office.

No Reliance on Oral Representation: No oral representation, explanation, confirmation, and/or reports may be relied upon by any person whatsoever. Eligibility, coverage, and benefits are determined solely on the basis of the relevant City ordinances, State laws, and applicable rules, regulations, and procedures of the Board of Trustees. All determinations of eligibility and benefits are based on the precise facts of any particular circumstances, including the data on hand with the Trustees such as years of service, compensation, and contribution history. No oral representation, confirmation, or description or explanation of coverage and/or benefits given by any person whatsoever is binding upon the Trustees. General descriptions of coverage and/or benefits may be provided strictly as a courtesy accommodation to participants or beneficiaries, but they are not final or determinative on a participant’s eligibility, coverage, or anticipated benefit amount provided for by the fund. Final determinations of eligibility and benefits are made only by the Trustees upon a full adjudication of written claims, full proof of claims, and evaluation of all relevant data. Final determinations will be provided to each participant in writing.
You are encouraged to visit the Pension Office for your personal information about vesting, eligibility and benefits amounts.
Any information received by the Police Officers Pension Fund or its Administrators will not be distributed to any third parties.

The City of Atlanta Police Officers Pension Plan reserves the right to change the website privacy statement from time to time. The privacy statement is not intended to and does not imply a contractual or other legal rights in respect to the City of Atlanta Police Officers Pension Plan or any other party.

We welcome your comments regarding the website! Please e-mail us at to submit your questions and comments. Please include your full name and phone number so that we may better assist you. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
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